Kreazot Dough Divider - Storm 216

Kreazot Storm 216 is Universal Dough Divider suitable for all type of wheat, wheat/rye dough's.

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  • Suitable almost for all types of dough (wheat, rye, mixed wheat and rye dough )
  • Gentle dough dividing
  • Big range of weight 200-1500 gr
  • Absorption rate up to max. 75% (Depending on dough)
  • High weighing accuracy thanks to unic structure and high grade of metal processing
  • Simple and fast cleaning of the machine
  • Ability to add to the already existing line dough preparation equipment thanks to the adjusting of the conveyor positioning and continuous adjusting of the dividing speed.
  • Easy in Maintenance
  • High reliability.
  • Low degree of wear of details thanks to high-strength alloys.
  • Modern design
  • The most qualitative oil pump in the world of the German brand BEKA
  • Easy in Moving and Fix Positioning

Temel Özellikler

  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304 surrounding panels
  • Dividing unit of Ni-Resist (Corrosion and oxidation resistance)
  • Measuring pistons are made in bronze
  • Crankshaft is made cast iron
  • Knife hardened steel
  • Drop hopper of stainless steel AISI 304 with Teflon coating and with safety ring, volume 100 kg.
  • Analog weight indication with position indicator.
  • Varying of the speed by inverter
  • Indicator of insufficient oil supply
  • Electronic piece counter of the set quantity of pieces
  • 13lt capacity oil reservuar in stainless steel with oil level sensor
  • Magnetic safety sensors.
  • Dividing unit with automatic oiling with 6 fixed dosing valve

Teknik Özellikler

  • Dividing range 200-1500gr.
  • Capacity 600-1.500 pcs./hour.
  • Height without hopper 1420mm.
  • Height with hopper 1800 mm.
  • Length with conveyer 1940 mm.
  • Power 1,6 KW.
  • Net weight 820 kg.

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